Wednesday, 2 February 2011



WAGASHI are traditional Japanese confections that evolved into an art form in the ancient Imperial capital, Kyoto. The character pronounced 'wa' denotes things Japanese, while the characters for 'gashi', an alliteration of kashi, have come to mean confections. Wagashi represent the essence of Japanese culture, and continue to be vital force in Japanese life.

WAGASHI are made from vegetable-based ingredients and are rich in fiber. Various ingredients are used, including an extensive range and variety of flours and sweeteners.

Delicate beans grown in Japan using special methods. Azuki beans come in both red and white varieties. Usually they are cooked into paste called 'An' and used in a wide range of different confections.

A fiber-rich gelatin made from seaweed, commonly used in wagashi, especially in jellied confections such as yokan.

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